Several years ago, the founders of Contour Furniture gazed down the aisles of America’s furniture stores and supply outlets in total dismay.

All of it boxed. All of it uniform, prefab, and cut in kind. It’d been happening for years. We’d had enough.

We saw the trend in the grain – and knew the only way to go was against it. We founded Contour Furniture in collaboration with Deffenbaugh Homes and 4D Design + Consulting and haven’t looked back.

Our goal: To craft striking, modern furnishings that borrow from and celebrate our deep lineage with the natural landscape of the Dakotas, without interrupting the untouched patterns and forms you can only find in nature. We strive every day to champion the atypical and unique, the one-of-a-kind and the singular.

At Contour, precision doesn’t mean cookie-cutter. We use only the finest all-natural flitch stock, and our scope and selection of wood, grains, and materials are second-to-none in the region. And because we let nature take the reigns – no two pieces are ever alike.

At Contour, we believe the purest aesthetic is the curvature found in life’s natural form. This – our driving philosophy – is right in our name.